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The Soloukhin Russian Literature Society is an umbrella organisation that looks after various groups that cater for different areas of the arts.
Soloukhin Russian Literature Society Incorporated
The Soloukhin Russian Literature Society was founded in 1998 to commemorate the death of the Russian writer Vladimir Soloukhin. In the past, the Society organised various activities including meetings, lectures, chamber music performances and is the host and promoter of the annual Day of Russian Culture Concert. We act as an umbrella for other Russian arts organisation in Victoria. Our organisation promotes Russian culture and literature to the senior ethnic community and the wider community and encourages participation of local cultural groups, ensembles, fine artists and writers. We encourage disadvantaged and isolated members of the community to intermingle, form friendships and socialise. We also provide a supportive environment for young people, help them improve and demonstrate their talents to a wider audience and acquire beneficial job-related experience in event coordination and other volunteer roles.

The Soloukhin Russian Literature Society Incorporated is a fully registered not-for-profit organisation. We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC), are listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (Ministry of the Arts, Canberra) and are registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We are fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations that are applicable to an Incorporated Association and report to Consumer Affairs Victoria.
Cocoshnick in Australia
Movie Club "Nostalgia"
This member driven club is designed to promote Russian cinematography and visual art to the elderly ethnic community. Discussions about styles, methods of presentation of ideas, history and influences are frequent. We showcase new and past classics. Come along!
Cocoshnick in Australia is a colourful ethnic group that showcases traditional Russian costume. They are active in local events, photo shoots and cultural celebrations. Currently there are over 15 members with individual costumes. All work on selecting materials and producing cultural Russian female wear is done in Australia. The group can be contacted for photo opportunities and celebrations.
"Aquarelle" ensemble
Music Enthusiasts Association
The ensemble attracts young vocalists and trains them performance and music skills. The average age of performers is 17-22 years. Mostly classical and Russian cultural tradition is upheld in the repertoire, however modern songs are also learned.
The club is designed to promote music appreciation, history and styles to the elderly Russian ethnic community. Concerts, recitals, vocal instrumental and dance performances, as well as music discussions are run for members.
Fitzroy Book Club
The Fitzroy Book Club focuses on discussing interesting contemporary and classical novels, poetry and other literature. We talk about various authors, writing styles and composition methods. All discussions are in Russian.

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